Bookstores are sharing anti-racist book lists. Here’s what’s on them.

As thousands of people have gathered to demonstrate in Boston and across the state against police brutality and racism, independent bookstores are sharing anti-racist reading lists to help further education and change. 

Booksellers in Boston, Cambridge, and Brookline have created lists with scores of titles dedicated to addressing social justice and books by Black authors, while also urging customers to support Frugal Book Store in Roxbury, the first Black-owned bookstore in Boston. 

On Twitter, Harvard Book Store emphasized that “personal bookshelves speak volumes” about the society and world both inhabited by the reader and the voices being unheard. Both reading curriculums and canons are “notoriously exclusive,” store staff emphasized.

“The reading of books is never done within a vacuum!,” Harvard Book Store staff wrote on Twitter. “Even our most mundane experiences with books—EVEN the experiences which take us out of our world entirely—still operate within a world shaped by oppression and erasure. The work of anti-racism is more than just updating your reading list but asking why your reading list has always looked a certain way. “

“Purchase, share, amplify, and celebrate the work of black authors!,” they added. “Buy from black-owned bookstores! Support the latest & greatest publications while helping restructure a culture of silence!”

Many of the lists shared by shops feature overlapping titles, and, in the last week, the bookstores said they’ve seen skyrocketing demand for the books. 

“If you’ve noticed the websites of indie bookstores being slower than usual, we want you to know that apparently Indiecommerce traffic is up 83%,” Trident Booksellers & Cafe wrote on Twitter Thursday morning. “The large majority of these orders are for antiracist books.”

Below, a look at just some of the books booksellers are recommending to readers interested in educating themselves about racism and long-standing social injustices in the United States.