Mark Wahlberg thanked a local ‘healthcare hero’ who volunteered in New York

Mark Wahlberg thanked a nurse, Taylor Campbell, who recently completed her time at Metropolitan Hospital in New York after volunteering to work there.

“Healthcare hero on the front lines. So inspiring to see caring and compassion around the world, especially under such difficult circumstances. Thank you, Taylor!” Wahlberg wrote on Facebook, ending his message with two hearts enclosing a praying emoji.

Campbell, a South Kingstown, Rhode Island, native who has degrees from The Catholic University of America and Simmons University, was previously an emergency room registered nurse at Rhode Island Hospital. She spent 21 days at the New York hospital, noting on Facebook that she developed a close bond with one particular patient. She was thrilled when she and her colleagues were able to extubate that patient and place her on BIPAP.

“A few short minutes later she mouthed her first words to me – I love you,” Campbell wrote. “My heart exploded. I started to sob in the room. Tears were running into my N95 mask as I stood there and held her hand. It was a beautiful moment.”


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